Metallic effects

Metal is durable, versatile, and often heavy. But despite its industrial tendencies, there's also something inherently beautiful about it. But how can you capture the natural beauty of this material in your decorating yet avoid its weightiness and rigidity? The solution lies in a few layers of paint. You can get the rich, sleek look of gold, silver, and copper by artfully applying thin layers of glaze and color-shifting interference colors over a base-coated wall.


Faux Marbling

Marble comes in an incredible variety of colours. Its swirling patterns have long inspired a variety of decorative effects.


Antique finish This finish gives an old worn out look to the wall. This finish makes the wall look like aged, distressed plaster found in old stone buildings in the Mediterranean

Flame Effect

Create realistic impressions of a raging brown, get the Flame Effect



An elegant way to enhance interior walls, ceilings, wood...etc